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Executive Level Certificate Program

Executives hold a special role when it comes to cybersecurity. Not only do executives have the most interaction with employees, they also set the tone for how much importance an organization places on cybersecurity as a whole. Additionally, executives need to know all they can about cybersecurity threats to be able to provide important input for their specific department or unit. One of the most important defenses to thwart nefarious cyber activity are the executives and managers who invest the time to learn about cybersecurity.

Creating an organization that cares about cybersecurity starts at the top – from the board to the C-suite to all of the employees.Too often companies choose the one-size-fits-all employee awareness programs, also known as“one-and-done” and “check-the-box” structures.These approaches can end up costing companies much morethan our properly structured, multi-faceted, CyberFortis training solution.

Our training provides executives the ability to:

  • Converse about cybersecurity threats and provide suggestions and input for improvements in their own departments.
  • Identify data assets and understand how they are interconnected.
  • Be conversant in authentication best practices and set the tone for adherence.
  • Lead short updates and discussions about best cyber practices within their department.
  • Identify potential shortcomings in data protection.
  • Respond appropriately to incident response plans and participate as necessary in practice exercises.
  • Liaise with the CISO and CCO regarding developments, issues, and suspicious activities.

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