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Managed Training and Awareness Solution

With so many laws, regulations, and regulatory mandates to keep up with, it can be easy for organizations and their employees to get lost in the shuffle. At CyberFortis, we aim to help everyone get – and stay – on the same track. Did you know there are requirements to educate on data protection, consumer privacy, cyber threats, and other related internal policies and procedures? The real challenge is keeping everyone vigilant and up-to-date.

“Training ensures personnel have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their job functions. Training should support security awareness and strengthen compliance with security and acceptable use policies. Ultimately, management’s behavior and priorities heavily influence employee awareness and policy compliance, so training and the commitment to security should start with management. Management should educate users about their security roles and responsibilities and communicate them through acceptable use policies. Management should hold all employees, officers, and contractors accountable for complying with security and acceptable use policies and should ensure that the institution’s information and other assets are protected. Management should have the ability to impose sanctions for noncompliance. Training materials for most users focus on issues such as end-point security, log-in requirements, and password administration guidelines. Training programs should include scenarios capturing areas of significant and growing concern, such as phishing and social engineering attempts, loss of data through e-mail or removable media, or unintentional posting of confidential or proprietary information on social media. As the risk environment changes, so should the training. The institution should collect signed acknowledgments of the employee acceptable use policy as part of the annual training program.” – FFIEC IT Exam Handbook (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council – U.S.

The CyberFortis Managed Training and Awareness Solution includes the following benefits:

  • Relevant Training: We train board members differently than we train general employees because we understand their day-to-day responsibilities are not the same.
  • Monthly Cybersecurity Updates: These feature timely tips and stories to keep cybersecurity top-of-mind for all trainees.
  • On-boarding Training: We deliver this training on-demand and it’s available on the start date for the employee or board member.
  • Posters, booklets, and more developed periodically for managed solution clients.

For more information on CyberFortis Managed Training and Awareness Solutions, complete the form below and someone from our team will be in touch soon!

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